Deep within a state Beyond the known
Asleep or awake Out here all alone
As the world passes by

For I’m living in a dream The way it must be
I’m trying to make it real Searching for a scheme
And the world passes by
It makes me want to cry

But once in awhile Someone appears
With a loving smile And a heart full of cheer

And the world passes by And I don’t even care

And our souls take flight Soaring in the sky
Swimming in the light And feeling so high

Mais de temps en temps Quelqu’un apparaît
Avec un sourire affectueux. Et un coeur plein de joie
Et le monde passe Et je m’en fiche

Then I’m back in my state All on my own
Could this be my fate Out here all alone

And the world passes by And that’s all right with me
As the world just passes by It’s all so plain to see