About bob

The music adventurer

Step into the dynamic world of indie artist Bob Slaughter, where musical innovation takes flight across genres. Combining reggae, Celtic, and Afro-beat influences with folk, rock, jazz, and Texas Swing, Slaughter's music is a captivating mosaic of sound. His latest release, "Earth Warrior," unveiled on January 1, 2024, enriches his catalog of self-produced albums, each a testament to his artistic evolution. A mainstay of Austin's music scene, Slaughter has graced stages alongside legends like Andrew Tosh & Yellow Man, leaving an indelible mark on iconic venues such as Liberty Lunch and Antone's. Yet, it's in his live performances where Slaughter truly shines, mesmerizing audiences with intricate loop techniques and a blend of serenity and joy. Whether collaborating with acclaimed artists like Julie Ragins or leading his Laughing Waters trio, Slaughter's music transcends boundaries, spreading messages of peace and love to listeners worldwide.