From the recording We Are Water

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Rock (irreverent)


You ain’t gonna live forever
Might as well live for now
You’re gonna be pushing up clover
Munchies for a cow

So WTF are we thinking
And who the hell is the man
We might as well be drinking
Cause the shit’s gonna hit the fan

Scoo be do ........ Linda Lou ........ & Charla too
We’re all gonna go when we go

Well what we gonna do with this big ol’ mess
Well I think I gotta plan
Down to the garden beyond the office
Barefoot & dirt in hand

And earthen the burden
Breathe the air
Nothing’s for certain
‘Cept change is everywhere

Old Blue .......... Billie Sue .......... & Big Mamoo
We’re all gonna go when we go

Hey ........ Alright ........ Come on
Yea ... we’re all gonna go don’t cha know