1. Speechless

From the recording We Are Water

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Melodic - featuring Lloyd Maines on pedal steel


Cruising’ back to yesteryear
Once again I can hear
The Calling
From down home

I be groovin’ all the day
And this is where I want to stay
Till my falling
From skin & bone

We take a bruising
Don’t you know
But can you feel the soothing
Soul enthralling
Kinda stone

I’m drifting on a cloud
I’m watching
As this shroud
Just falls away
What can I say
I’m speechless
Oh Oh Oh

There’s so much
That we’re not seeing
Our glimpse
Is but little dream
As if a grain of sand
Was our reality

Can we expand from mediocrity
Beyond this man made entropy
This duality of enemy
This cowardice of hegemony

Seeding tranquility Nourishing serenity
And so too blooms
Our synergy

Oh Universe
Have mercy and quench our thirst
For harmony
And humility
So we can see
That we are here to be In Love