1. The Path

From the recording We Are Water

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Reggae with a Latin American flavor featuring Erik Hokkanen on fiddle & Billy Bright on Mandolin


There was a man
Who walked a thousand miles
From his homeland
From his wife & child

To El Norte
On paths of hopelessness
Crossed the Rio Grande
To a land of madness

Seeking prosperity
On a road so long
Through this disparity
Lord he must stay strong

Well I don’t know
How it really feels
With such suffering
How one deals

But if I could
Lend a helping hand
You know I would
Help to make a stand

So please
Won’t you pray
And seize
This brand new day
And reach out
Reach out to your brothers
Reach out to your sisters
In your own way

It’s only music
It’s only art
But good change
Comes from the heart

Never from hatred
And never from war
Only from love
May peace be born

So everyday
Live up towards beauty
Live up towards kindness
A mere sense of duty

Your path and mine
Are one in the same
There is purpose
For which we came