From the recording The River Knows

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Written by Bob Slaughter


The river knows, the river shows,
the river goes the way it wants to go
To change its course, you change your course
You lose the source, It’s a simple thing to know

The heart it knows, the heart it shows,
the heart it goes the way it want to go
The use of force to change its course
you lose the source that lets your body glow

And all around the world the truth reveals itself
for everyone to know
That loving spark that hits the mark
connects the arc between all living souls

The mystery is clear to see
Transcend the clouds of fantasy
Beyond the cravings of desire
The naked truth is there for all to know

As we start to see with heart
the course we chart begins to unfold
We plant the seeds, a graceful art
inch by inch & row by row by row

It’s not the end, it’s not the means
It’s in the gap, it’s timeless love we sow
It’s the simple things that kindness brings
The whisperings that sing so soft & low

The mystery is ours to know
Though it’s poetry may seem to be untold
The powers to be they be not so
All beauty lies beyond our control

To nourish gardens of the soul
Is to be in timeless flow
And all we really need to know
Is what the river knows

And on & on & on & on & on & on the river flows