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  1. Impermanence

A song for the Day of the Dead, when the veil between the living and their ancestors is at its thinnest. A song about the ravages of war, the cost to children, their families and the future. But a hopeful tone emerges: by observing the cycles of the natural world, a path forward is suggested.


Through a broken window The dust did blow
From the depths of sorrow Placed one last stone

In another life In another land
Children laughed & danced Hand in hand
On their way back home

A bird dropped a seed By chance it grew
Fulfilled its need As if it knew

It became a tree Down in the hollow
It nourished the bees And flowers followed

In the ebb & flow All must come & go
And the timeless rain Washed away the pain
And the sorrow

In a land of love Lost to war
There comes a time When time is no more

Through a broken window The wind it swirled
In another life In another world