Last Night I had a Dream

Last night I had a dream                       Seeds were in my hand 
I was in a field of green                         My heart beat with the land 

Happiness grew naturally                     Music flowed just like the creek 
And there was an apple tree                 Bending down before the meek 

  And we sang oh lord 
  This was meant to be 
   Oh lord for everyone 
   But to forgive      
   Is to understand 
   And to live in natures plan 

       Hell is in our mind                        Hell it serves the rich 
       Our puzzle is to find                      A way to throw the switch 

I woke up from this dream                   And scratched my head in wonder 
Is there a way to redeem                       Amidst all this plunder 

Well of course like every morning        Rising with the shining sun 

Love’s revealed without a warning        And the work is never done 

  Oh lord  
  We’ll plant what’s meant to be 
  Oh lord for everyone 
  The sun it never rises, the sun it never sets 
  It just burns & burns & burns 
  Till it burns no more